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So many times I have compared my voice to others. Every expression of the voice. The singing voice, the speaking voice, the voice of artistic expression. You name it, I compared it. If you’re an overthinker and an overanalyzer, then you know how debilitating it can be to allow the voice of comparison to stop you from doing anything; but more poignantly from expressing your innermost voice in its highest and greatest form.

Allow me to share what I’ve come to understand through my own experience. Comparison is born from fear; and when you’re fearful, you essentially lack the courage to believe in your authentic self and to take action in spite of fear. Your voice is silenced and before you know it, too much time has passed and you’ve remained inactive. Suddenly years elapse and you did not write the poem, script the story, sing the song, paint the scene, sculpt the model nor speak the words. Had you awakened the voice you would have empowered, inspired and impacted others. Try it and let me know. I’ve seen it time and time again. You can either choose to use your voice or be a witness to others using theirs.

It’s become my mission to let the voice loudly soar and I encourage you to do the same. Push through the mental barriers of comparison, for it is the thief of joy. The voice is the universal promise of the soul waiting to be heard in each of us. It whispers in many ways and manifests in many forms. Your voice is alive and expressing it is your human right. So use your voice, in whatever form you may; responsibly so too, for it is uniquely brilliant.

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