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I once had a coworker say of me that I could never look ‘professional’ and succeed wearing loud colours at work. Sounds silly to some, but for a while I contemplated it, silently deciphering if it held any merit. Pondering if it prevented my movement, and how I ought to better conform. In essence, I got lost in someone’s opinion of me. Diminishing my potential because of the colour of a piece of clothing on my back.

What I couldn’t see at that time, was their own insecurity raging through, and more importantly, that their insecurity had absolutely nothing to do with me. Instead, I let it bother me. At one point I ditched my signature colours for more conservative ones. Don’t get me wrong, I love these colours also but my point here isn’t about a colour.

The message I want you to take, is that other people’s opinions of you have nothing to do with you. Mind your business and mine your goals! Waste no time as I did stressing over people’s words. Hurt people hurt and unhappy people try to make others unhappy. Never be held down by people who are afraid of the great person you can become. In the words of Les Brown, “Your success holds a mirror up to their failures”. Never ever dim your light so that others won’t feel insecure with themselves in your presence. Own your uniqueness and stand tall. If your light is too bright then they need some shades. I urge you, love on yourself, fill yourself up, gas yourself up. When the abundance flows from within you, anybody else’s compliment is simply extra. And nothing in you will depend on it!

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