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Deep within your heart you have so many dreams you want to accomplish, but along your journey of life, some become scattered like pieces of poui flowers fallen into a carpeted pile on the ground near and around the roots that birthed the dreams. So close and yet so far. So durable, yet deciduous. So motivating and yet so immobilizing. Your aspirations look so inviting when your mood matches the height of its season; but once waned, creativity and inspiration become lost, and the momentum slows.

Pause. Delay. Stagnancy.

Your bright dreams, as vibrant as the pigment in the flowers; are left unsettled, unattended to, and then rot. Like the poui flowers, your dreams at some point may blow far away in the distance, losing momentum with each decaying moment.

But also like the tree roots, your *human spirit* is built to succeed, to thrive and to accomplish.

Prepare. Focus. Step.

As the gardens awaken with beautifully coloured petals and the magnificent Poui tree takes full bloom; let the garden of your mind awaken to the conviction that your dreams can be achieved.

Every. Last. One.

It is already accomplished.

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