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Noël Shirian: How she's crafting the life of her dreams

If you scroll through the Instagram page of Noël Shirian, you’re sure to feel like you’re in the middle of a tropical dream. After all, it’s filled with sunsets, oceans, pools (the Infiniti ones to boot), lush nature scenes, and every imaginable shade of blue topped off by Ray-Ban aviator flash lenses in… you guessed it…. blue! To describe her from the lens of Instagram in one short caption, she’s a sun-kissed island goddess. Her page is a literal dream and so it’s no surprise that she’s titled her business ‘Your Every Day Dream’.

Far from a tropical paradise, Noël Shirian is a signed, sealed and delivered New Yorker. Her effervescent personality is a direct reflection of the vibrant city she’s from. Newly graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and eager to delve into the corporate fashion industry, at twenty-two years she saw herself at the beginning of a long and exciting career which she had carefully curated in her mind. She landed her dream job at Calvin Klein Jeans where she worked in production for eight and a half years. Once she followed her mental map, she would fashionably work her way up the corporate ladder. That was the plan set in motion.

Cue the economy to step foot in the middle of your plan! Sometimes God’s grace extends a diversion to redirect us. A downturn in the economy at the time resulted in her having to seek employment at some other fashion houses. By the time Noël had worked her way up to Managerial level, things started becoming clearer to her that she was not in love with the job and the industry she had set her mind on many years prior. The vibe and energy of the fashion industry had shifted for her.

She depicts the turn of the tides for her and her dream career -

“I was in a fifteen year fashion industry job in NYC, working with multiple brands to produce their collections. It was a career that I had always wanted and one that I had worked hard for; but along the way things had changed. The industry had changed and therefore it impacted the overall environment of the business. The career I had wanted at one point, and worked so hard for, became the industry I wanted to get out of. Working in an office everyday from 9-7 and being expected to perform above and beyond my supervisory role, while not feeling appreciated was something I just couldn’t do anymore.”

How many of you have had that thought cross your mind about the job you are in? I know I have! For Noël though, this was not initially meant to be just a survival pay check. Working in the fashion industry was exactly the career she had envisioned. It was her dream career to summon all happiness. After all, this was what she spent years studying for. To exit the beaten track, to turn off the well-worn path trodden down by many feet, would ultimately mean saying goodbye to the career path she thought she had chosen all those years ago. So she did what so many of us all relate to - she kept working. Not long after, she found a job at another company and while not totally in love with it… kept it pushing. She kept going and going and going. She likens the pace of that life as being in a washing machine - constantly in rudimentary motion trying to keep ahead. It would be at this point however, that she would feel the unsettling shift again. She was in a place in life which I feel is pretty common — working insane hours at a job you no longer love that somehow still just barely affords your far-from-extravagant lifestyle. A job where there was no longer any passion, hunger, motivation that once enthralled.


"It was time to dig deep, to align, to meet my soul and discover

that there is so much more to this life."


In February 2018 she was suddenly laid off from her job. The company was downsizing and her position was made redundant. It was at that time that she began to question her purpose, her heart centered desires and what truly excited her. The thought of going back to work another industry job terrified her. As fate would have it, this would be just the thing needed to propel her towards her every day dream, although she did not know it at the time. Out of work, no longer passionate about her career in fashion and uncertain about what to do next, a friend suggested she take a trip to Bali with her. Of course no one in their ‘right’ mind would choose a time of unemployment for bucket list travels, however the seed of great things rarely lies in the ‘right’ mind. The familiar mind, the comfort zone mind; is where all things remain the same and new opportunities are never born. As it turned out, this trip would change her life forever.

She describes Bali as a place that “awoke all her senses.” The beauty and simplicity of the environment surrounding her brought a unique bliss and joy to her heart, more than she admits she had ever felt in a lifetime. To be able to experience life on opposite sides of the world educates you like nothing else can. As she describes,

“It was the universe’s way of telling me it’s TIME to really get to know myself better, it was time to dig deep, to align, to meet my soul and discover that there is so much more to this life. The aspect that came across very clearly for me, was TIME. While I lived my twenties and a majority of my thirties working hard and struggling to get up the corporate ladder, I was missing out on experiencing and seeing the magical beauty of the world, the real classroom for learning and growing.”

Although after a month she had to make her way back to the bright city lights; it was on that teary-eyed plane ride home that Noël made a commitment to herself - to follow that which awakened her soul, that in which she felt love; for “love is the beauty of the soul.” She immediately set a plan in motion to leave New York and move to Bali, with a target date of December 2019. She got intentional about what she wanted and so she quickly got another job where she worked for fourteen months to save money for the move.


"I took the leap, landed on my feet, and I am living my

Everyday Dream in Bali.”


After a fifteen year career, on 28 December 2019 she left on a plane with a final destination - BALI. Now a Mindset/Execution coach currently residing in Bali, her journey to the ‘Land of the Gods’ did not come without its trials. After thirty seven years in NYC, Noël was understandably scared. She left behind the only career she had ever known, the city she had grown in and her family and friends. Soon after she arrived, the covid-19 pandemic became the order of the day to compound everything else. While she didn’t know exactly what she was going to do, she had full faith that she would figure it out. There was no other thought.

Looking back on her journey thus far, Noël had this to say,

“Bali gave me the gift of spirituality and a heightened awareness that I had never known before, all while enabling me to make an intentional shift in my life from that point on. I can confidently say ‘dreams really do come true’. I took the leap, landed on my feet, and I am living my Everyday Dream in Bali.”

So often, people go through each day feeling completely on autopilot, essentially going through life’s motions completely unfulfilled and unenthused about life. Many are working rigorous hours in a job they are unhappy about, merely because they do not think they have another choice. People feel confined to one trajectory because of what they’ve studied, or because of how many years they’ve ticked off in a particular job. They think they cannot escape their current circumstance, especially if it requires a career change or pay cut.

Fast forward to 2021, Noël is helping others who are experiencing a similar shift as she has. She is making an impact in the lives of many, showing them that they can live the life they want by taking intentional steps and most importantly - looking inward. She knows first hand what it is like to walk the road less travelled. She has broken the mould of her programming and dared for greater, bravely!

As she explains, “we are programmed to go to college and pick that one thing we want to do. Our career is ultimately based on that one thing we have spent years acquiring that credential in. But as you grow and evolve, extend the grace to yourself to know that it is ok to evolve into something unexpected. Change is part of life and what once worked for you, doesn’t always have to continue in your life forever. It’s fine to acknowledge that it had its time and place. Most importantly, trust with full faith that it is never too late to recreate your life.”

Noël has crafted the life she desires. It has awakened her truth and brought clarity and alignment into her life. She is at peace. What else is there if we are not at peace? Of course it doesn’t hurt that she is surrounded by the most picturesque of nature scenes everyday, but this is part of her recreation.

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Noel, what an amazing story! So Happy you took the leap of faith and

landed in your everyday dream!

💕All the best now and always!

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