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Thoughts from a 2020 birthday

Covid-19 has most of us experiencing our birthdays in the most unexpected forms. Locked away in the confines of home, unable to celebrate loudly. Ok... that may be a bit dramatic, but a lot of us are essentially indoors when we would usually be out, and more reflective rather than festive. As is the 21st century custom, for my birthday I would receive the usual influx of Facebook greetings with a few texts and calls sprinkled in. And while this year was no different, it came with an unexpected twist.

I received messages, voice notes, voice songs and calls that shook me to my core. An enlightenment of sorts, not from any dramatic occurrence; instead simple acts and brief words of acknowledgment that really made my jaw drop. It got me thinking, why was I so surprised? Only a few days after did the answer come. So often we see ourselves as unworthy of being hailed for our talent, being thanked for the blessing of friendship, inspiring others, being described as phenomenal and leaving persons in awe. So often we see all these things as real possibilities except just not for ourselves. We can’t fathom that our spirit is such a light and a joy to others and that we are worthy of receiving thanks for just being.

During the day I also found myself behind the wheel responding to messages with voice notes vs. the usual typed ‘thank you’ responses. I realized I was being intentional with my greetings and expressions of gratitude and it was truly joyful to my soul. The lesson of cause and effect came two days after.

I received a video call from an overseas friend I haven’t physically seen in a couple years. We lead busy lives, one more than the other; and so to receive that call from one of the busiest people I perhaps know, made my day ten times over! Beyond the happiness I felt, it once again astounded me that I would be considered worthy of that call. That someone I remain in admiration of would dedicate time to express their appreciation for me.

I describe all this to say, if you haven’t already, honour your worth. Truly believe that you are worthy. Often times doubt plants seeds of inadequacy in our minds and we water those seeds until the tree of doubt clouds our worth. Your impact is increasing even though you may not see it. In the smallest ways you are inspiring persons whom you least expect. Know that you are simply the reason why! Know too that what you put out comes back to you twofold... all in the time that God has ordained.

In this year 2020, I dare say for many of us life’s meaning is blossoming, impact is increasing and transformation is happening. I encourage you to lead through your LIGHT and allow your light to be a conduit to the light of others. Reassure yourself that your journey to self-worth will be the most rewarding experience of your life.

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