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The sign at the entrance read “Hortvs Gethsemani” and inside was a beautiful garden, very peaceful. Its calm and silence almost deceiving from the bustle of tourists and pilgrims outside its walls. Where Jesus went before facing his crucifixion in a way is like the calm that comes before the storm. Looking back now on my experience and Jesus’ time there, Gethsemane was more than just a garden with trees and rocks.

It’s a place of earnest prayer

It’s a place of travail

It’s a place of struggle with death

It’s a place of aloneness with God

It’s a place of isolation, anguish and distress

It’s a place of surrender to God’s will

It’s a place of strength and boldness

Life includes Gethsemane experiences. In more ways than one, this pandemic has been our communal Gethsemane. Some are calm in the eye of the storm, awaiting devastation. Some have already experienced it. Some feel weighed down by all news covid related. Some gain strength and faith.

Whether we like it or not, at some point in our lives our Gethsemane will come. Prepare for it and remain in it until peace comes. The challenge is in how we face it.

Face it with courage

Face it with faith over fear

Face it with an expectation of blessing

Face it with belief over failure

Face it with strength

Face it with love

If you are in a personal Gethsemane, be encouraged. Just as it had a beginning, it too will have an end. Every Gethsemane leads to a resurrection, but not before it leads to a cross.

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